Band teyrnged gwych 'Queen Alive'.

Queen Alive fantastic tribute band.

Yn dod i'r clwb golff ar ddydd Sul y Pasg, 12fed o Ebrill. Band teyrnged gwych 'Queen Alive'.
Coming to the golf club on Easter Sunday 12th April. Queen Alive fantastic tribute band.

Tocynnau ar gael am £ 15 yn y clwb.
Tickets available for £15 in the club.

Bwyd ar gael ar y noson. Cyri, Sglodion a Reis am £ 7.50. Archebwch eich pryd y tu ôl i'r bar ymlaen llaw os gwelwch yn dda.
Food available. Curry, Chips and Rice for £7.50. Book your meal behind the bar beforehand please.


Wednesday nights / Pob Nos Ferchar

BINGO every Wednesday night from 26th September at 8pm.
BINGO bob nos Ferchar o 26ain o Fedi am 8yh.


We would welcome any ideas you may have for future social events, please forward these to

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